Paying for coffee with plastic

Since September 2013 we have accepted card payments for your coffee, snacks, lunch etc.  So why bother with cash?  Use plastic fantastic.

Despite being a mobile coffee van, so long as we can get a phone signal (fingers crossed, its Vodafone!) - you can pay with your debit or credit card.  And we will email or text your receipt if required.  Now our card machine accepts contactless, so tap to buy - It's so easy! 


March 2013 news

price change news from Coffee Gang - full story

Our intention is to bring you delicious affordable drinks, so Hot Chocolate at £2.10, a Flat White at £2.45, and a 16oz Mocha at £2.65 is probably still the best deal in town.

Event service will cost a little more, as we have to travel to you, and usually pay a pitch fee to a local charity, etc.  So come on: taste and see how good it is!

For more details, contact Leon at 07989 607770 and see our full price list