Food Menu

We bake home made cake, with variety of daily options including: (all £1.40 per slice)
Carrot + Walnut cake, Chocolate Brownie, Tiffin, Lemon Drizzle, Coconut + Jam, Granola

Our 65p cookies change each day... double chocolate, honeycomb, oats n raisins, white chocolate

Sandwiches and rolls at £2.10 feature old time favourites:
cheese + pickle  |  cheese + tomato

ham + mustard  |  ham salad  |  ham + cheese
corned beef + onion
tuna + sweetcorn  |  tuna + cucumber
pate + grape  |  egg mayo  |  egg salad
bacon + brown sauce  |  sausage + ketchup

Download our drinks menu 

Invite us to your workplace

Invite us to your workplace and events

Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 13:00 will see the CoffeeGang van delivering drinks, filled rolls, and homemade cake to over 25 workplaces in Swindon... 

Swindon Borough Council Offices
Bath BMW corporate event

but at the weekends we are available for fetes, sports events, and occasionally corporate events too. 

Swindon Literature Festival
Famous Duck Race, Swindon 

Contact Leon at 07989 607770 or for information

Wootton Bassett Fire Station Open Day
UK Logic running event, Nr Calne, Wiltshire


Paying for coffee with plastic

Since September 2013 we have accepted card payments for your coffee, snacks, lunch etc.  So why bother with cash?  Use plastic fantastic.

Despite being a mobile coffee van, so long as we can get a phone signal (fingers crossed, its Vodafone!) - you can pay with your debit or credit card.  And we will email or text your receipt if required.  Now our card machine accepts contactless, so tap to buy - It's so easy! 


March 2013 news

price change news from Coffee Gang - full story

Our intention is to bring you delicious affordable drinks, so Hot Chocolate at £2.10, a Flat White at £2.45, and a 16oz Mocha at £2.65 is probably still the best deal in town.

Event service will cost a little more, as we have to travel to you, and usually pay a pitch fee to a local charity, etc.  So come on: taste and see how good it is!

For more details, contact Leon at 07989 607770 and see our full price list


Ten good reasons to drink coffee

As if I needed one good reason to drink coffee, here is a healthy report from across the pond that lists ten:
  1. Lowers risk of skin and breast cancer
  2. Lowers risk of depression
  3. Reduces diabetes by 50%
  4. Reduces inflammation
  5. Increased fibre intake
  6. Lowers risk of Alzheimer's
  7. Aids human hair growth
  8. Acne prevention and skin health
  9. Lowers risk of Parkinson's
  10. Protection against cirrhosis of the liver
Full detail and report here  Happy to be playing my part in selling a life enhancing product

Thanks to Chase Mann for early sight of this report


Fancy a Coffee?

Launched in September 2011, we are Swindon's only mobile gourmet coffee service.  We deliver espresso-based drinks, homemade cake and sandwiches to workplaces at Swindon Council offices, Kembrey Park, Groundwell, Delta, Blagrove and Lydiard Fields business centres each workday morning.

At weekends we supply the same service to school sports tournaments, fetes, charity events, and the Marlborough Sunday Market.

Get in touch today... call Matthew at: 0788 428 5777 or link up with him at Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn